Ward 3 Demo's

by Parker Hatcher

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These are the demo's from my upcoming record titled "ward 3"
Ward 3 is a journey into the human mind and the extremes of emotion.
It is a concept album that will touch on many subjects.
I am raising funds for this campaign right now, and am trying to spread awareness about living with lupus, being transgender, and being disabled AND queer. This is an activism/record campaign and will be going toward a good cause. Please feel free to pay more if you want. Or pre buy the record. Please share and help as much as possible.



released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Parker Hatcher Winnipeg, Manitoba

Parker Hatcher is a 24 year old transgender (FTM) musician from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has been writing music since he was a small child and lives for it. He has been on testosterone therapy for quite a few months, and the album "Fighting kids for swings" was recorded in 2011 (Pre-T). New music "Post T" will be available shortly. But for now, please listen, and enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Manitoba Supernova
The deposition rests. On the way back to Manitoba.
No I never really was there.
You came with marks on your back.
From a lover. You swore you’d never see again.
I was a bird, with no wings, flying over. Back to life and,
say what you want, about this soldier. Cause it won’t matter.

Just hold back the tears
They never really cared
If you had a penny they’d just sell you out
For everything you got, It’s not what they want
They’d rather be like animals than help you now.

You’re my enemy no doubt.
You’re so close but not so loud
You can steal the day cause I have got no case left anyway

I’m holding a sign
Waving fast like, I’m a speedway
Where I can be seen but
I’ll make it fast. I’m a demon with, my own flesh to trash.
Fly high like a bird. See the skyline up ahead and ask yourself
Why does this bird. Have no feathers. I guess it doesn’t matter.

The deposition rests. On the way back to Manitoba. I’m a supernova.
Track Name: Hen House
Hen House

Take the lot of it and go
Be a friend or be a foe
Crash the car climb out the window
I feel small but I’m not sold.

You got me sitting in the hen house
I am an elemental breakdown incur
I am a punisher and judge now
Too dark to see but too inspired to bow.
A waste living in a catalyst contour
A brave man an overseer for the counter culture
Don’t break me I already suffered
You got me burning in the winter

Moons of yellow mask the sound
Increments are turning up
Save the bones for revolution
You can use them to break them
You’ll break them you break down.